Dracontide module changelog: What we did to NWN

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Dracontide module changelog: What we did to NWN

Post by DM-Christian on Thu Jan 04, 2018 8:16 pm

Many of the changes we've made to Dracontide, both 12-13 years ago and recently, will be ported over to the Weirdale module, or at least represent a shift in policy and philosophy differing from 2002ish neverwinter nights, then and now. To this end I'm going to do my best to post them as they currently happen, and as I remember the old ones. When we make new changes we will post them to discord in the dev announcement section, but in order to cut down on clutter we will remove past "patch note" entries and just put a link to this thread instead.


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Old changes: What we did to NWN in the olden days that still stands

Post by DM-Christian on Thu Jan 04, 2018 8:39 pm

We did a lot to NWN back in the day, both to facilitate an "MMO" style of play, and to play to the reality that NWN had very set "I win" builds that we had to either balance around or just straight up nerf.  Some of those changes have still stuck, and we will list those here as we remember or are reminded of them.

-The biggest blanket change we made to NWN was accommodate casters in a rest-restricted game (more on that below) by customizing most of the higher end pet-summoning spells to provide a comparable source of "high repetitive damage" that melee classes and builds enjoyed.  Gate, planar binding, summon shadow, dragon knight, mummy dust and the blackguard and pale master class summons all got reworked into custom monsters that let the caster survive long enough to get their spells off or to just have something to backpack and heal if they preferred.  We've more recently made similar changes to dirge for bards, and while that's a more recent change, it deserves a mention here.  These pet spells will upgrade themselves either with further caster levels or with items, or both.  The item changes should be found in game (think second chest, silkwood forest Wink ).

-Time stop is not time stop, because it stops everyone in the module.  We have turned it into a group hearthstone spell, and have even provided everyone with an item that casts time stop once per rest.  This item is a newer change, but deserved a mention here.

-Devastating critical is not a viable choice on level up.  Because no, just no.

-Aside from classes who use it specifically, we won't have any functions tied to charisma, such as persuede or intimidate.

-We do not support the pick lock skill.  All locked doors in dracontide have keys or are just there for decoration.

-Mind blank and lesser mind blank grant immunity to stun

-The spells Weird and Power word kill are logistically identical to wail of the banshee.

-Aura of Vitality lasts turns per level (on that note a LOT of spells had their durations buffed, we might not get to all of them in this entry)

-All spells called "Cure <insert word here> wounds" have ALL their level caps raised to 40.  A 40th level cleric casting cure light wounds heals 41-48 hps. Inflict wounds spells use the same math.

-Pick pocketing: there is nothing we can do about it, it's not covered by our PVP settings.  That said, we don't support it, we don't encourage it, and we honestly would shut it off if we could.  Straight up (and I hate that I have to deal with it this way but)... Please just don't use this skill.

-The tradeoff for pickpocket is that we do support the appraise skill

-We do not support crafting.  Don't take skill points in crafting

-We HEAVILY support the heal skill, and almost expect that everyone has this maxed out.  Maintain your heal skill, it will get used.

The following list is copy pasted from a sign that used to be in the welcome area:

As well, these spells have been altered from their default function:

1) Greater Magic Fang:
-Uses a level divisor of 5 instead of 3 when determining the enhancement bonus applied to the creature's attacks.

2) Magic Vestment:
-Uses a level Divisor of 5 instead of 3.
-Lasts Turns per level (don't recall if that was a change or not... it was late when I changed this spell hehe )

3) Divine Favour:
<<All changes undone, spell restored to default function>>

4) Isaac's Greater Missile Storm:
-Missiles do 1d6 each as opposed to 2d6.

5) Blade barrier
-You may not cast multiple blade barriers within a certain distance radius of each other.

6) Dominate Monster:
-Duration measured in rounds, not turns.

7) Shapechange
-Duration is measured in rounds, not turns.

8 ) Darkfire and flame weapon:
-Level divisor is 4
-Cap at +5 damage
-Do not stack, do the exact same thing.

9) Greater Sanctuary
-Duration is rounds/level
-Effect: invisibility (meaning see invisibility and true seeing beat it)

10) Undeath to Death
<<all changes undone, spell reverted to its default function>>

11) All "Arcane" damage spells (or Nukes) have had their maximum damage increased.

12) MANY "immunity buffs" have had their durations and effects altered and/or ehnahced.

13) Hellball
-made a "hostile targets only" spell... on top of having its damage jacked up.  

14) Greater magic weapon
-Lasts Turns/level
-Grants a damage bonus (slashing) instead of enhancement bonus
-adds +1 per 4 caster levels
-goes up to +10!!! (so a 40th level caster has something else to brag about hehe)

15) Time Stop:
-Renamed (in Roleplay parlance) "Temporal Vortex"
-Re-worked as an Instantaneous Mass group teleport to Chrysallis for all party members close enough to the caster to be affected.

-Most direct damage spells in the game received heavy buffs at one point or another.  This was done to try to compete with melee builds who have endless access to "I cast sword."

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More recent changes to Dracontide.

Post by DM-Christian on Thu Jan 04, 2018 8:46 pm

Here is where we will be pasting all past 2018 and on patch notes to the Dracontide module.

-Added new "Stone of the hearth" item to the gatekeeper in the welcome area.  If you have characters that don't have this item, go through the welcome area central door again.  You will likely get doubles of all the previous knicknacks you were given, but the teleport item is worth it.

-Xp in the module is cranked to 200% by default, no changes need be made by the player. You should still alter your nwnplayer.ini to grant max hitpoints on level up though.  Until we're hosting publicly, we can't do this for you.

-Mazeyness to the first chest on Malthus has been heavily nerfed.

-The 4th chest boss has been significantly nerfed

-Every area in the game is now restable.  Huge shift in game balance in the player's favor.  The Filiberts who used to sell rest keys are now in lush retirement.

-"Dirge" is now a summon spell for custom bard pets

-Dragon lairs and their subsequent lead-up zones will now only spawn one dragonspawn/windelf per encounter trigger

-Adjustments to summoned pets to allow your current pet to be able to help you get the next one (in respect to having high enough enhancement bonus to affect things) are ongoing.

Dracontide patch notes for January 6th 2018:

-An under the hood pass on custom summons has been made enabling all weapon-wielding summons to help their summoners obtain the next summoner's mandala in succession.  We do ask that you keep an eye on claw-using summons as they are the only potential outliers in this vein.

-You now cannot pass through the vortex gate out of the welcome area without the "Stone of the hearth," this key-state used to be applied to the save tool, but the  self-teleport item is newly current and more important/useful.  You will get this item now from the welcome area conversation on the other side of the center door.

-We've cleaned up the welcome area signs to reflect modern levels of community connectivity... and kept the burning man sign purely because Estelle finds it hilarious.

-Greater magic fang now scales to +10 over the course of caster levels 1-40.

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