Local vault announcement, and making sure you have max HPs

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Local vault announcement, and making sure you have max HPs

Post by DM-Christian on Thu Dec 28, 2017 8:31 pm

I'd like to thank everyone who gave their opinions, publicly and privately regarding the issue of whether or not leveling in the dracontide module, single or multiplayer, will count toward our eventual Weirdale persistent world.

In short, the answer is yes, it will.

We will be going "Local vault" with Dracontide, and up until the start of Weirdale.  That means you keep all your leveling progress, saved on your end, from wherever you get it (Ideally dracontide, single or multiplayer).  There is a lot of "honor system" involved here, but we also have toggles on the server side to enforce "legal" characters, and we intend to use them.  Eventually everyone will be 40 anyway, so there's no need to be a tightwad with XP progress.  We do reserve the right to a "conversion rate" between DT and Weirdale if we find we want Weirdale to slow leveling a bit, but unless we have a huge philosophical shift, we'll probably just do straight local vault and that'll be it.  We'll re-visit this when we launch weirdale, as to whether or not we want to stick those local characters in a server vault, but there are a lot of benefits of staying local so long as everyone can be trusted not to abuse it.

Also, an important change to have on the player end until we can enable it on a public server: To enable "always level with max hitpoints," follow these steps:

Search "nwnplayer.ini" on your machine (it's in your documents folder under Neverwinter nights), find the line that says: Max Hit points, and change it to 1, then save. Hit points on leveling will no longer be random, you want this change.  Any characters you've leveled before making this change likely don't have max hitpoints.  Luckily cranking XP to 200% as shown above makes catching up a breeze.  Seriously, that's crazy XP!

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