The Wedding of Champions

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The Wedding of Champions

Post by DM-Estelle on Mon Aug 01, 2016 6:17 pm

The ceremony takes place in Whisper's personal grove on another plane. There was no safer place, and some say there is no place more beautiful. The ground is a carpet of flowers of every shape and color. Ethereal butterflies flit from petal to branch, keeping their distance from most visitors. At the heart of the Love goddess' grove is a sakura tree with a sprawling canopy of pink flowery branches stretching over the heads of all in attendance and occasionally blessing them with the errant petal drifting down. Chairs are arranged in the meadow of flowers with an aisle between, but there is no "bride side" or "groom side." All are family who meet beneath the sacred flowers of Whisper's heart tree. A vibrant rainbow stretches over them, and a cool breeze keeps the temperatures comfortable. All visitors are provided a portal by which to travel to this magical place.

And what rainbow grove belonging to a Love goddess would be complete without a unicorn? This one has two grazing with delicate grace through the dazzle of color: Alsvior, Selathanael's war horse, and Rarity, Whisper's pure white mount with an opalescent horn that trails a rainbow as she moves. Neither unicorn exhibits overt discrimination towards who can touch or interact with them, unlike those of so many cultures in the multiverse.

Whisper stands at the head of the aisle organizing everyone and, when it's time, gesturing for the gathering to be seated as the ceremony begins. She's wearing a beautiful, flowing gown with open, fae-like sleeves of ombre blue and purple with pink silk flowers all over it, and real pink flowers in her purple hair. First down the aisle is Nathaniel Gold, Selathanael's best man, and he plays his pink guitar as he walks to Whisper's side, smiling at his friends and his betrothed as he goes. The bard seems to be playing the same song on a subtle loop as the others from the wedding party join him. He's sporting white pants with a white tailcoat with gold buttons, a violet silk shirt, and a gold vest with violet flowers that match the shirt. He ties it together with a violet sash belt.

Next down the aisle is the groom. Selathanael's deep gold and purple robe moves gracefully with him as he walks, and it matches his tunic and trousers. With the purple leather boots and gold metalwork, he looks like royalty. His head is held high, his back straight, as he looks over to smile at his mother, who was already bawling, behind who his uncle was giving him a glowing thumbs up while Vestakia wept just as openly. His father Jermayan's face was one of ivory, granite pride in his son.

Aurora's matron of honor, her goddess Khyrstariala, walks next in a simple but well-cut purple gown with a silver butterfly to one side of her abdomen. When Nathaniel sees her, knowing Aurora will come next, he begins to sing the words to the song he's been playing since he appeared in the aisle.

"All those days watching from the windows
All those years outside looking in
All that time never even knowing
Just how blind I've been
Now I'm here blinking in the starlight
Now I'm here suddenly I see
Standing here it's all so clear
I'm where I'm meant to be...

Whisper swallows a lump in her throat as she sees her beautiful baby girl walk down the aisle next, smiling radiantly at her.

"And at last I see the light
And it's like the fog has lifted
And at last I see the light
And it's like the sky is new
And it's warm and real and bright
And the world has somehow shifted
All at once everything looks different
Now that I see you...

Whisper extends her hands and raises them, gesturing for the audience to rise and stand up for the bride.

When Aurora appears on the arm of her father Torrel, hair in voluptuous curls, her gown is a silken homage to all the most important things in her life. Translucent red decadent fabric drapes down her arms, over her chest, and down her back to represent her father over a silver gray masterpiece of silk and lace for her father's place in the Gray Court of the Weirdale pantheon. Silver metalwork sits on her shoulders and chest almost like armor to represent her life as a proud warrior, with gems of glittering blue for her mother. Finally, on a strap of silver red that matches the gown, Glory is accompanying her on her back. She couldn't have her big day without her best friend.

Torrel has his best armor prepared for the occasion, his dark black breastplate with his personal sigil over the heart and his flowing red-sleeved silk shirt with black leather pants. He smiles, his cheeks stained with tears as he makes eye contact with Idunna.  His heart could have burst with pride right then. Idalia and Vestakia were sobbing ruins clinging to their husbands whose eyes were also shining.

Without words, a resonant, harmonizing sound like an accompanying, unidentifiable woodwind instrument begins to play along with Nathaniel in synchronization with glowing runes on the sword at Aurora's back. Glory was singing, magically, in homage to his mistress.

"All those days chasing down a daydream
All those years living in a blur
All that time never truly seeing
Things, the way they were
Now she's here shining in the starlight
Now she's here suddenly I know
If she's here it's crystal clear
I'm where I'm meant to go...

Idunna, in an ice-themed gown of white and blue, puts a hand over her mouth to keep in the sob as she sees her husband and stunning daughter in her beautiful dress and, of course, her faithful sword. She leans on her mother Skadi for support, feeling like she might expire from pride and making tear-streaked eye contact with her husband. Aurora has happy tears on her cheeks as she sees the glorious and welcome vision of her true love waiting for her, gripping her father's arm tight to keep from stumbling in her euphoria. Selathanael wipes at his eyes as they fill with tears of his own.

"And at last I see the light
And it's like the fog has lifted
And at last I see the light
And it's like the sky is new

And it's warm and real and bright
And the world has somehow shifted
All at once everything is different
Now that I see you

Now that I see you.

Gradually, they make it to the head of the aisle, and Whisper motions for the audience to be seated. "I love you, daddy," Aurora improvises as Torrel places her hand in Selathanael's. "Always." She speaks plenty loud enough for everyone to hear.

When the god of War retreats to his seat beside his wife, those near him can hear him tell her, "I did it, Idunna," in a voice rough with emotion.

"You did it," Idunna squeezes his hand and whispers back, turning her face and pressing it into his shoulder, crying quietly. "You were perfect. I love you both so much. Oh, Xander, she's beautiful..."

The bride and groom stare into each other's eyes with longing intensity as Whisper gives her speech.

"Just look at them," Whisper begins, her voice amplified a little with the magic of her grove so everyone can hear her without having to truly raise her voice. "They're so in love, they're overwhelmed. These two beautiful hearts have pined for each other since the moment they met right here in my grove. My family had a picnic to introduce our champions to everyone. Selathanael came, Aurora came, and my husband Vendricus brought his champion Thorne and his son Kieran. It was a beautiful afternoon where the sun kissed us with warmth and the flowers made everything perfect. I felt the soft, quiet notes of them noticing each other, and I saw the little rosebud of love curl its petals tightly inward. These two are the perfect example of opposites complimenting each other, and the harmony that can come when one learns to appreciate the other's perspective. Aurora pursued him openly, and quite brashly, as we all know our sweet firecracker to be," Whisper chuckles, smiling at the half-Jotun. "Selathanael's cautious and gentle nature lead her to believe that he wasn't interested, so when she suddenly stopped her advances, they had to meet in the middle. Selathanael had to boldly profess the reciprocation of her affection ahead of the schedule instilled in him by his culture, and Aurora had to respect his need for a patient pace. I tell this tale not to embarrass them, but to show my friends, and all the multiverse, the eternal happiness that can come of learning to see things from another pair of eyes. Their willingness to consider and respect the other's principles, despite being completely opposite, is what lead to this beautiful moment. Without compromise, there can be no true love. That my champion and his betrothed set such a pristine standard for love and companionship is a constant source of personal pride, and an inspiration to all who know them." She swallows and a single tear falls down her cheek. "Together, these two have crushed Weirdale's enemies without fear, for their faith in each other is unyielding. May none of us ever forget to believe in our partner, no matter how long we've been together, and may we always cherish our partner's differences as they do."

Aurora chuckles, swallowing a little sob as she looks to her love and Whisper pulls a long golden ribbon down from a tree branch that had been hanging over their heads and starts to wind it around their joined hands, nodding to Selathanael.

"Aurora, my love... When I was called to Weirdale by the far-reaching song of my Goddess' love, it was from a life where I was a misfit of sorts among a people who are notoriously devoid of haste, if not of grace.  My family were always quick to lovingly remind me that, as my mother put it, mine was a burning light that would not be contained.  This was the most loving way to call me hasty and unbound among a people bound by ancient tradition and a mastery for life itself that comes with the blessing of longer life.  Indeed, I was seen in Sentarshadeen as the brash firebrand many people paint you as.  I was loved by family and accepted with amicable respect by my peers, but while the unconditional warmth of my lady's voice drew me to a world where I would champion the cause of her unendingly open acceptance and love... I did not have the direct and personal context of what it was to be overwhelmed with love for someone until I met you.

You speak in a language of frank, no-nonsense directness that is anathema to the intricate  dance I grew up in, a rigidity that does have a great deal of beauty, but you are the bright star above a world that concerns itself with worries and minutiae that you are fully aware and cognizant of, and yet you choose to instead speak from the brilliant fire of your heart.  That voice that comes straight from your core will always be the most beautiful sound in my universe.  It illuminates everything else and makes the world more beautiful."

He pauses to breathe.  He was comfortable now in his words, he spoke from his heart.

"This is the time to speak vows, but truly, for you and I, it perhaps comes easily to simply put into words what we repeat with every glance, with every touch: that I will always be the shield that lets you be everything you are without fear of being silenced.  Together we are perfect.  In battle, in life, in love, I promise to be the one that holds the line as you push it forward.  I promise to hear your every word and offer mine in support, or at least in honest, heartfelt counsel.  I am known as a knight of armor and shield, but there will never be a barrier or distance between us.   You do not need my help to carve your place in the world, but you will have my strength added to yours in all things, and I will always love and protect the lady, the warrior, the woman you are, the woman that holds my heart in her strong, deceptively gentle hands, the woman I will always treasure as my wife, now and forever."

His green eyes shone with unshed tears, punctuating his vows with love beyond words to his beloved, while his parents shone with tearful pride, and his aunt Vestakia wept into his uncle Kellen's shoulder.

Prince Silwyth was also crying with quiet appreciation, his hands clasped with Angrboda's over the place in her abdomen where their daughter slept.

Throughout his speech, Aurora's quiet tears quadruple in intensity, practically sobbing at the altar. She has a tremendously difficult time collecting herself enough for her vows, swallowing a few times and sniffling up at her husband, staring into his eyes.

"M-my treasure," she begins, her voice cracking and waivering. Aurora pauses briefly to make her words come out clear, strong, and resolute. As touched as she was, she didn't want to cry the words, or have him not hear her well. "My treasure," she says more clearly, smiling with a sheepish apology in her expression for being such a mess. "I promise that you will never be a misfit again. You will never be out of place by my side. Wherever I am, you belong. Wholly. I cherish you for the man you are, and nothing less. I will never hold you to any standard but to simply be Selathanael of the Leaf and Star, for that is the man who ever so politely stole my heart. Your shield will always have my sword beside it, and your beautiful music will always be welcome in my ears. I bought you that flute somewhat selfishly, because hearing your soul through the notes you play gives me a joy and satisfaction I can't describe.

I'm honored to get to know your culture through your family and my training as a Knight Mage. Sentarshadeen has a place in my heart, as does your family, because they created you: the man my dreams would have dreamed if they were so bold to presume such a selfless and noble man could exist.

I want to share everything with you: victory, defeat, elation, despair, wisdom, dumb mistakes, feast, and famine. I want to dance with you, care for you when you're ill, train with you, kick ass with you, sit and listen to the rain with you, count the stars with you... You're my paradise. You're my sanctuary. You. Are. My. Everything. My future. Being with you brings out the best of me. I am the sum of my strengths for your influence."

She squeezes his hand as Whisper winds a golden ribbon around their hands.

"I swear to you that I will strike down your enemies without hesitation. I promise to cherish your sleepy smile every morning. I promise to be the blade that shapes the world with you, and I promise to never stop being inspired by you. I will love you always, and be in awe of you every day. I am the luckiest woman alive that you noticed me, and I will never forget that."

Whisper’s eyes shine with love for her champion as he and his betrothed turn to look at her with tears in their eyes. “Aurora Torreldottir of Jotunheim, Dragonslayer, Champion of Brilliance, do you take Selathanael to be your husband? Do you swear to love and protect him, to honor and support him, and to be his loyal companion through life’s trials and celebrations, through sickness and health, through joy and through sorrow, for all time?”

Aurora draws in a deep, emotionally shaky breath, and proudly, boldly answers, “I do. I do a thousand times over.”

Whisper beams as she runs a thumb over Aurora’s ring finger on her left hand, creating a purple and gold heart tattoo in permanent, magical ink, then she looks to her champion. “Selathanael of the Leaf and Star of Sentarshadeen, Shield of Virtue, Champion of Love, do you take Aurora to be your wife? Do you swear to love and protect her, to honor and support her, and to be her loyal companion through life’s trials and celebrations, through sickness and health, through joy and through sorrow, for all time?”

Selathanael nods with solemn, intense emotion.

"I do, my goddess, with all I am and all I shall ever be."

Whisper touches Selathanael's left ring finger with a loving caress of her thumb and a red and black heart appears as a tattoo where a ring would sit. This way, they don't need to worry about the metal band compromising their hold on their weapons, or getting bent in combat and crushing their fingers. Then she ties the knot firmly and elegantly, creating a beautiful bow around their wrapped left hands and lifts their joined, bound hands high. "Then by the virtue of my power as Goddess of Love, it is my indescribable honor to pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss th-"

Aurora snaps like a band stretched too far, crashing against her husband and kissing him with abandon. Whisper chuckles, an emotional sob finally breaking through the little laugh as she covers her mouth to giggle and gives them some room.

Cheers erupt from the Jotuns in attendance, neither Idunna nor Skadi caring whether or not one was supposed to cheer at these customs. Their Aurora was marrying for love, which was a thing to be celebrated and cherished. It was not done back home. Their clan was stronger today. Prince Silwyth and King Kabren are quick to validate the cheers with exultation of their own until the notion catches on and the petals fall amidst hearty cheers of joy and congratulations. Vestakia, having been to weddings in Sentarshadeen, is one of the loudest, not being used to this sort of raw, infectious love, and Jermayan, the very avatar of those conservative traditions, claps with demure but no less enthusiastic approval, swelling with pride at this moment of most holy love.

"My beloved friends, I am immeasurably proud to present Selathanael and Aurora Torreldottir of the Leaf and Star!" Whisper hugs them both.

Drowning in the euphoria swelling around them, Aurora finally lets her husband breathe, pulling away with a lovedrunk smile. "I love you," she whispers, cupping his face with her free hand. "We did it."

Whisper joins everyone's cheering and raises her hands high. "Everyone please do us the honor of joining us for a celebration dinner right here in my grove. There are seats and tables in the communal area between by grove and my husband's, and you're welcome to go wherever you like. Eat yourselves full, dance without inhibition, and sing at the top of your lungs! Today is a wonderful day. After we eat, Nathaniel has graciously agreed to play some of his songs for us!"

((Picture of Aurora's wedding dress for reference:))

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Re: The Wedding of Champions

Post by DM-Estelle on Mon Aug 01, 2016 6:23 pm

Characters from my roster in attendance:

The Stranges:
Extelle Strange
Damian Strange
Ezra Strange
Archer Strange

The Scion Family:
Hela Lokidottir
Angrboda Kabrendottir
Idunna Skadidottir
Skadi Þjazidottir

Whisper Tempestbane

Telpeloke Kabrenson
Lenore Xannandottir- A horned, demonic looking elven woman accompanying a male elf who looks much like her and her parents, Xannan and Telpeloke. ((Any one who WoW RPs with me can say they've met my future demon hunter if your character was at this wedding.))

Nathaniel Gold
Wren LaCroix
Alice Pagan

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Re: The Wedding of Champions

Post by DM-Christian on Mon Aug 01, 2016 7:53 pm

Most of our native gods and personalities are easy to remember and have been featured in our stories from time to time, but new to the "public" with this ceremony are the family of Selathanael, my Paladin and Whisper's champion.

Selathanael is, not for the first time among my creations, a tribute to a favorite book series introduced to me by Cas (who plays Jagd).  "The Obsidian Trilogy" (sometimes called "The Obsidian Mountain series") written by Mercedes Lackey and James Mallory tells the story of a world in a struggle for magic's conscience between mortal races, fantastical fae creatures, and terrible demons.  I won't even try to hide that I blatantly took the core family of this series and just created another scion of it to exist as my own character.  That said, if you would like to visit a really cool world (with the BEST elf culture ever!) and better know Selathanael's family, the first book in the series is entitled "The Outstretched Shadow," and I really do recommend it highly!

For those that don't have time to read a freakin trilogy of novels, here's a "brief" summary of the members of Selathanael's family in attendance at his wedding, because of course Selathanael would take the time to introduce his adventuring friends (especially Aydn and Nathaniel) to them:

Jermayan, Selathanael's father: While Jermayan does certainly radiate "elf nobility," he does not dress so decoratively noble in the way of overt shows of wealth.  Instead, his fine silk robe of a deep, deep purple laced with silver thread of simple but fine edging shows an attention to detail and quality that, to the observing eye, almost overshadow the very idea of crowns and jewels that an elf of his clear station and bearing could be wearing.  His skin is pale and flawless, and his hair long and dark hanging in straight, perfect lines from a tall proud head framed with delicately pointed ears.  He seems to never ask a direct question, even when it would seem fitting to do so, but instead dances gracefully in conversation in such a way that he learns just as much without... imposing upon one with such prodding.  While there is an air of distant otherness about him, he does not come off as aloof or pompous, although there is the odd smile of non-condescending amusement whenever one asks him a question, and he answers openly and in a beautiful, sonorous voice.  If asked about his people and his station there, he gracefully informs that he is a Knight of the House of Leaf and Star, and is endlessly proud of his son who, like him, was initially trained in the House of Sword and Shield by the greatest swordmasters to ever live.

Idalia, Selathanael's Mother:  Idalia is another beautiful porcelain doll of an elf, but like her husband exudes none of the associated fragility.  Those that can sense magic can indeed sense different flavours of powerful presence coming from most of Selathanael's family, but where Jermayan crackles with a fiery, ancient power, Idalia is in all ways a soothing, gentle healer in magic and in bearing.  Shorter than Jermayan and her son, Idalia's smile is more impish than her husband's rich distance, and she is far more forthcoming with hugs and the touching of hands than Jermayan.  She wears a deep, purple robe of a different hue than her husband's, of fine silk, and is eager to meet her son's friends.  It almost seems like Idalia might be of a different culture than Jermayan, and in a more subtle way they mirror the "opposites attract" aspect of her son's new marriage.  

Kellen, Selathanael's uncle: Perhaps Idalia's difference from Jermayan is no better "explained" and yet further obscured by the presence of her human brother, Kellen.  A tall, broad-shouldered man of long, sun-brightened brown hair and tanned skin, his blue-green eyes are the same color as his formal robes, under which it seems a light suit of dress armor is worn.  His smile is bright and he is in many ways the polar opposite of Jermayan with a hearty laugh and a ready grin for anyone willing to shake his hand.  Those that can sense magic may sense a kind almost identical to Aurora's... something worked into the very form of the user, like a second suit of armor.  His hands are calloused like an oft-trained swordsman, and he has no problem asking or answering questions, though he does adapt his tone when speaking to Jermayan, as if they have a degree of comraderie that goes deeper than married brotherhood.

Vestakia, Selathanael's Aunt:  All of the curiosities of Selathanael's family can be easily and readily answered in enthusiastic storytelling by perhaps the most curious of them all.  Vestakia, Kellen's wife appears neither human nor elf, but has the cherry red skin, curling horns and vertically slit yellow eyes of the very demons that Selathanael had described as being the horror of his home world... And yet, no one who knows her seems to look at her as anything more than the lovely, boisterously happy woman on Kellen's arm.  She is more than forthcoming with wedding day tears and hugs and cheerful conversation with all she is introduced to, and readily, proudly supplies that her husband is a Knight mage, just like Aurora, whom he trained.  She wears a burnished gold gown and her face is somewhat decorated and shaded by golden dust, and her soul shines with the honest glow of true happiness.  She is the only member of Selathanael's family who is entirely nonmagical, and yet her unconditional acceptance and outpouring of warmth are an unmistakable enchantment of their own.

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Re: The Wedding of Champions

Post by DM-Christian on Mon Aug 01, 2016 8:06 pm

In addition to Selathanael's family, the following characters of mine (most if not all of which are already known) are in attendance:

Deverin (with Extelle)
Omedon (with Skadi)
Vendricus Tempestbane (Sitting in the audience, but still "With Whisper" whenever possible)
Khrystariala Ebonwood (Maid of Honor and attched at the hip with her husband Damian once her duties allow)
Torrel (with Idunna)
Prince Silwyth Strange (With Angrboda)
King Kabren Torrelson (With Queen Hela)
Xannan Kabrenson (With Telpeloke)

And the Strange male nightelf sitting with Lenore is introduced as "Thalandred Nightwind," Whisper's brother, and an eyeless (blindfolded), scaly-skinned, black-haired heavily tattooed Illidari Demon hunter of Azeroth.

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Re: The Wedding of Champions

Post by Jagd/Liadin on Wed Aug 03, 2016 6:07 am

((Ya'll can sit these two where you like/where you feel they'd fit! I'm guessing near Kabren+Hela?))

Two notable figures sit within the intimate gathering of family and friends: an elegantly demonic woman whose emotions are unabashedly overflowing, and a well-groomed Garou whose attention and interest is wholly captivated by the enchanting scene before them.

Liadin is elegantly clad in an elaborate, formal dress of gradient midnight and moonlight hues. She dabs demurely at her eyes as she allows herself to take in the beauty that surrounds and fills each and every spirit who shares in the collective moment. She is elegantly elated, and frequently covers her heart with her hand, lest it leap from her chest with the exultations of joy that surround her. Her voice can be heard to occasionally join in the tune that Nathaniel plays, striking a softly hummed harmony without any intention of detracting from his weaving. This is one occasion where she truly allows herself to be overcome with emotion, rather than display her very Elven restraint.

Jagd appears to be in sensory overload - their ear-and-a-half, and their one working eye are scanning and picking up on hints and cues of what are acceptable forms of conduct here. This is, after all, the first wedding that they have ever been to (that they are capable of recalling). While they still smell faintly of coke and coal, their fur has been recently brushed, judging by its faint fluffiness. The scarred warrior is clad in dress armour of deep umber that has been polished to a mirror sheen over a navy blue quilted gambeson, with the addition of knee-high breeches made from supple cloth. When the Jotun voices breach the heavens, so too does theirs! The mingled shouts are soon joined by wolfsong.

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Re: The Wedding of Champions

Post by CptShrike on Fri Aug 05, 2016 8:14 am

Characters in attendance:
Coronus Ravenheart
Ur'zakan Pyriel

Coronus is dressed quite simply in a tailored suit, his hair neat and parted sideways, mirroring his cheerful half-smirk, half-smile. His beard is neatly trimmed, but it does not hide his constant smiling. He watches his dear friends with love and admiration and applauds loudly at the end, whistling and whooping cheerfully. As the grove is a lovely sunny place, the sun occasionally glints off of his hand, as his own golden wedding band can be seen without his nigh-omnipresent armoured gloves. He does his best not to draw attention to it, but absently plays with it when no one is looking, as though it had not been worn in some time.

Ur'zakan is dressed far more formally. His green-golden plate has been polished to a mirror sheen and it shines brightly in the sun. He is also wearing two large shoulder plates, not normally worn, as they are far too bulky to be used in combat. The shoulderpads are made from carved dragon skulls, painted in the same colours as his armour. Between the horns on each dragon head sits a small brazier where they burn faintly in the light, yet no smell can be detected from them. Ur'zakan is also far more stoic, only smiling as they are announced as husband and wife.

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